We are excited to publish the first instalment of Leah’s Blog, this month on education. 

Primary School

Before I went to high school I felt staying in one class the whole day was boring and a bit less exciting to work.

High School

Now I’m in high school my grades and my self-confidence has improved in high school not only because moving classes but having different people in different classes also is good because it helps you find that group of friends that you can trust, open up to and know they will always be there for you.

Inspirations and Achievements

My inspirations are my uncle Ian who has his own strength and conditioning business such as Perform Strong. My auntie Amanda is also a big inspiration to me she has her own business called Auchenblae Design and Build. Finally, my uncle Robert has his own business too so if you are having a party invite him along for some banging tunes at Twilight Discos.

Role Models

This shows how amazing all my role models have done to start up their own business, it made me realise how much hard work pays off. Also, to see how much they have achieved makes me want to learn more, work harder and encourage one another but mainly believe in yourself try new things and push yourself out of your comfort zone.

By Leah Tervit Stark