Businesses have all had the call, email or visit asking to sponsor an event, fundraising night or give a donation for a prize. Usually, the business gives something because they are doing ‘their bit’ for the community.

However, has your business actually thought about sponsoring a local sports team as part of it’s marketing strategy?

If your business hasn’t thought about sponsoring a local sports team as part of it’s marketing strategy, then now is the time to do so.  Especially if your product or service can be related to sport in anyway.

Top 5 Reasons to Sponsor a Local Sports Team

Why should your businesses consider sponsoring a local sports team? Here are Perfect Penny Marketing’s top 5 reasons:


Most of all it’s fantastic for brand awareness.  If your business is going to give your chosen club some well needed cash. They will bend over backwards to promote your business to players, players parents, coaches and spectators.


The business is in a position to negotiate the terms. Most sports clubs probably need cash and are willing to support businesses willing to sponsor them.


Something that is especially relevant is the business will be supporting the local community and the young people in it. That is your corporate social responsibility right there. Give your business a big tick and you get promoted by doing it. Win, win!


The potential reach the business can get from sponsoring a sports team is a LOT bigger than you think. Therefore, if you sponsor a game or a team, the players don’t bin those t-shirts/tops with your branding on it. They wear them again and again. To training, holidays, sports classes and day to day. People who will see your logo/branding is endless!


There will be perks! The business may get tickets to the big games with great seats, complimentary merchandise, picture in the local paper and meet the star players.  The best perk will be that the local community will associate your brand with doing good.

“How Much?”

All of the above seems great. Then the main question comes in to focus, ‘how much is it going to cost’?  This depends on the package the business decides to take and the level of sponsorship the business is ready to commit. But again this will all be negotiable.

What are you waiting for?

Set up a meeting with the team your business wants to sponsor and have a discussion. No commitment, no assumption, just a chat about options.  Remember this is a two-way street. The sports team needs cash to continue their fantastic job of creating healthy and focused local young people with a dedication for that sport, and you need promotion to keep selling your product or service.

It’s a business relationship that really is the perfect match!


Contact PPM if you would like to sponsor Stirling Knights Basketball Club