Perfect Penny Marketing and Nettl of Stirling have joined forces to create a 10-step survival package to get your product business online and selling within a few weeks. We don’t want your business to simply survive this terrible pandemic, we want you to survive AND thrive.

Easy Payment Plan

We have also agreed to spread payments for this over 5 months to assist clients with an affordable way to get online when cashflow is in short supply.

10 Simple Steps

The 10 steps will get you from no ecommerce website and lack of marketing direction to having a finely tuned ecommerce website and sales boosting marketing to propel your profits, all set up within a few weeks.

The following steps are what would be included in the full 10 steps:

Step 1

An initial meeting (via Zoom) with Jen at PPM, Alan at Nettl and the client(s) to discuss where the business is at the moment and what the requirements are for the ecommerce website and marketing strategy.

Step 2

A website plan would be created by PPM for the client in order to see what pages would be included and what the structure would be.

Step 3

PPM would write all the content for the pages and include key words and phrases to assist with good search engine ranking. PPM would liaise with the client to understand more about their products, the business, the brand, their story and the general feel they would like for their website.

Step 4

The client would be required to take product pictures or send the pictures they already have to Nettl & PPM in order for them to be added to the website due to social distancing measures in place.

Step 5

Nettl would build the ecommerce website with up to 5 products. Nettl would engage with the client with regard to the design and feel, once confirmed the website will be created.

Step 6

Client training on how to update the website and add products if required. This would be done via Zoom with the client and Nettl.

Step 7

Nettl will optimise the website to increase search engine rankings and to assist with the client website being found on relevant searches.

Step 8

PPM will create a 1-month marketing plan for the client to be able to have a foundation of what to post, where to post, what to write, where to advertise, etc. This plan would include blog title and content suggestions, social media focus, advertising, target market details and theme suggestions.

Step 9 

PPM will create a MailChimp account for the client and up to 3 templates for their email marketing efforts. Training would be provided for the client on how to use this and send emails.

Step 10

PPM will write the first month’s blog for the client website. This could be on a specific product or story of the business but would include key words and phrases to assist with search engine optimisation.

Basic to Awesome

Within a few weeks you will go from limited online presence with a basic website to having a finely tuned ecommerce website and sales boosting marketing to propel your profits in the coming year.

Get in Touch

If you would like to see how this package could get you online and selling your products then get in touch on Jen@perfectpennymarketing.co.uk and we can discuss in relation to your business and amend the package to suit your requirements.