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Here you will find handy hints, tips and musings of the PPM Marketing Kingpin; Jennifer Louise Tervit. This marketing blog will be sent out on a monthly basis and will provide you with golden nuggets of marketing information to help grow your business. New updates on anything marketing, social media, new useful tools or personal experiences that have taught Jen a lesson, which can be passed on to you and your business.

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Marketing is a relationship . . .

You can't dump it then expect to continue to receive all the chocolates (enquiries), flowers (customers), cuddles (contacts) and love (sales). Marketing - Not a necessity! Many business owners think that when the time comes to tighten the purse strings, that marketing...

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Why your business should sponsor a local sports team!

Businesses have all had the call, email or visit asking to sponsor an event, fundraising night or give a donation for a prize. Usually, the business gives something because they are doing ‘their bit’ for the community. However, has your business actually thought about...

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PPM is 1 years old – Start Up Tips as a Gift for You

This month (on the 23rd) Perfect Penny Marketing will turn one years old. I am both amazed how quickly it has past and how fun, tiring, amazing, hard, exciting and draining it has been.  The one thing I know for sure is that it was one of the best decisions I have...

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How to Create a Digital Marketing Plan

The wonderful world of digital marketing, we all know about it and we all know we should be doing it but why are so many of us not doing it?  Most of the time my clients just don’t know where to start and as I always say, “the best way to start is with a plan”. This...

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Email Marketing to Grow your Business

Email Marketing Email marketing has been said to be dead in years gone past.  Seen as ‘boring’ and ‘not cool’ compared to social media, videos and other ways to communicate. However, think about the emails you get into your email box daily and what ones you...

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One Size Fits All – Market Research

One question I always ask my clients when talking about market research is ‘who are your target customers?’ and sometimes I’m given the answer ‘everyone’.  Everyone is a customer?  Which means that everyone has the same wants or needs that your product or service...

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Why Outsource Services?

Hope you are all having a lovely summer and enjoying the sunshine when it decides to make an appearance, as I write this it is a glorious day outside. Our August blog is going to talk about outsourcing services to other companies or people, and discuss why you would...

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My Perfect Penny

Welcome to the first ever Perfect Penny Marketing (PPM) Blog. I am now in my 4th week of trading and happy to be running my own business.  My name is Jen (Tervit McDonald) and I am the owner and Marketing Kingpin of PPM.  If you have any questions about this blog or...

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