This week I (Jen) held my first live Facebook video marketing question and answer session which was completely out of my comfort zone. It was something I have been looking to do for a long time and have always found an excuse not to do it! Lockdown has helped PPM to be able to re-evaluate the business and focus on our own marketing as well as our clients.

Facebook Group

The Facebook group that the live video was in was the PPM Marketing & Business Clan. Any business owner can join for marketing and business hints, tips, marketing platform to marketing your business, a bit of fun and free essentials for your business including marketing plan templates and other top marketing tips.

Come and Join the Group

I will be doing my live video once a month, where I will be answering all your marketing and business questions. If you are not already a member click the link above and become one.

Our schedule for the week looks like this:

Magic Monday is about sharing any magic that’s happened in your business or personal life. We also mix it up a bit and have Motivational Monday too.

Talent Tuesday is an opportunity for you to share anything you have achieved in the week. Whether you’ve managed to bake a loaf of bread for the first time or you have finally qualified in the course you’ve been studying. Share your joy of your accomplishments.

Website Wednesday is the opportunity for you to share your website, Facebook page. Tell us what you do and what services and/or products you offer. You can use this opportunity to build your network too.

Thankful Thursday is the time were we all take a moment and realise what we are thankful for. That could be the sunshine, a business contract or having your family over for a cuppa for the first time in months.

Funday Friday is a bit of silliness for us all to chill out and have some fun. Share a GIF or meme that you have been sent or perhaps you have been told a funny joke that week. Post it in the group and we can all have a laugh!

Video Interview

Another instance where I had to move out my comfort zone was when I was interviewed by Austin at r7c Media. This was part of his #AskAustin series over on YouTube. The video is below, we discuss a few things but I give some Top Tips about marketing your business through this difficult time. Let me know what you think.

Comfort Zone

I am fully aware how difficult it is to get out of your comfort zone. But sometimes it’s really important to push yourself to do it because it makes you:

  • feel more in control of yourself and your achievements
  • understand what you are actually capable of
  • feel good stress and become more creative and motivated
  • more able to deal with bad stress in your life when it arises

Push yourself!

What are you going to do to come out of your comfort zone? Comment below and work on a plan! Or get in touch and we can help you create your plan.