We have been a little quiet on the blog front in the last year but that’s because we have been super busy with clients.

However, over this time we have realised that when you are starting to look at marketing your business, the best way to start is to get the inside sorted! Not with an advert or a social media post.

What do you mean the inside?

Working with many clients over the past few years we have realised that many don’t have the basic procedures and/or systems in place to deal with the customer journey affectively.

Some don’t have a database for customer details (recording no data) and some don’t have basic customer service procedures for reception or welcoming staff members.

Where you can begin . . .

First of all, think of yourself as the customer to your business. How would you come to the decision to make the purchase. Is it a need or a want? Is it an impulse buy or a planned purchase? Think about how that decision is made in the head of your customer and then how they would get to your company (Google search, reputation, WOM, Facebook, etc).

First impressions count

Secondly, when they contact your company via website, email, phone, in person, etc, how is that interaction? For example:

  • If the customer visits your website for the first time; is it easy to use? Can you find everything quickly? Is it readable? Does it look professional? Does it load quickly? What would be the natural click journey of the customer?
  • If the customer walks in the the shop/office/salon, who greets them? Do they have a procedure? Do they smile? Offer tea/coffee? Do they make eye contact and ask about other services or products that are available?
  • If the customer engaged on Facebook, what is the response? If it is a negative comment, is the response still positive? Do you reply on time? Is the brand and personality of the company coming across as it should?

Put yourself in your customers shoes

Thirdly, how does the customer feel in the buying process? Do they feel that they are valued? Do they feel they are getting value for their money? Do they feel happy when they complete the purchase? Will they come back?

You can find this out by hiring a mystery shopper or sending out a survey to past and existing clients/customers. You could engage with customers on a face to face basis and complete the surveys (although sometimes this isn’t truly what they feel as they may feel bad mentioning the truth).

Build a relationship

Finally, how do you keep in touch with the customer? Do you use Facebook or other social media platforms? Do you use email from a consented sign up? Do you call them? Do you offer them discounts/rewards for their loyalty?

Marketing does not stop once you have made the sale, repeat business is what you want and for this to happen you need to develop a relationship with your customers so they want to come back again and again.

Marketing is not just an advert

Making sure that the inside of your business is working properly and most effectively to provide the service or the product to your customer is a must before you think about advertising your business. There is no point having a really great advert if when they contact the business they get rubbish customer service or bad website content.

Staff are your business

Investing in your staff, through training and personal development will help your business no end. They are usually the customer facing members of the team and should be trained and appreciated appropriately.

Not just a marketing company

We are not just a marketing company, we can help you review your current procedures from customer databases to customer experiences including staff training needs.

Get in touch if you think we can help.