Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email marketing has been said to be dead in years gone past.  Seen as ‘boring’ and ‘not cool’ compared to social media, videos and other ways to communicate. However, think about the emails you get into your email box daily and what ones you automatically delete and the ones that you open, read or even click?  I would imagine that it varies based on the content or your situation.  Email marketing is far from dead, perhaps if it is not working for you then you might need better content or understanding of your customers.

Top 5 Tips for Email Marketing

This blog will highlight the top 5 things to think about when you are planning your next email campaign.


What is the purpose of your email? Inform customer of news about your organisation? Sell a product? Gain feedback? Make sure you have a clear objective in mind.


Is it what all your customers want or need to hear about? Think about your whole email list and this particular newsletter and if it would be better to send it to only part (segment) of the list to gain a better open/click rate?


Think about the customer need and/or want and use this to explain to the customer about the solution or benefit of your product or service. Relay this to them in the email to engage and encourage an open, click or potentially a purchase.


Have you got an engaging and attention seeking subject heading? If not, think about your customers and how you would be able to get them to either open the email, read the email or click through to your website, deal by ‘click here for your fantastic 20% off offer’.


Include call to actions. If you are trying to sell something or showcasing a product, blog or social media post then you need to include that link and the content that will make the customer click. For example: ‘read more about this story by clicking here’ or ‘to access the special offer click this picture’ (remember to check links before sending the email).

Email Frequency

One last thing to think about is frequency, people like consistency so if you are going to send an email daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly it is important to stick to it. This way customers will get to know when they are likely to receive an email and expect it.  It also keeps your company name and offerings in the forefront of their minds.  However, a daily email may be a little excessive!

You’ve Got Mail

Email isn’t going anywhere soon, so get to know your email contact list and use it to your advantage.

Ping, you’ve got mail.