The last 4 weeks have been a really scary time for most of us in the UK and the rest of the world, we have been told to stay home due to a deadly virus and close our businesses if we can’t work from home plus the added stress of ‘home schooling’ our kids as the schools/nurseries are closed too. It hasn’t been easy and feelings of stress, fear, anxiety and lack of motivation is completely normal in a worldwide health pandemic.

Business & Coronavirus

If you are in a leisure or hospitality industry you were first hit by this pandemic, told to close by the government when we were still allowed to travel to work and our kids were at school. Many of the businesses have still not been able to access any money from the government which was promised in the early days in the form of grants. You can check here to see what your business is entitled to through the government but don’t expect anything into your bank quickly.

Staying Focused

It’s hard. Like, really hard to stay focused in this crazy situation we find ourselves in and I for one am finding it extremely difficult to stay focused especially with the normal distractions around the home (kids, washing, jobs that need done) never mind the scary situation that is happening outside. Anyway, a good way to try and stay focused is following these steps:

  • Make lists – To do lists in the house, to do lists for business, a list of things to do with the family once this is over, a list for your new goals for business. Getting them down on paper is the best place to start even if you can’t actually do them right now you will feel a step closer.
  • Try and do fun things – I know it’s hard trying to work from home with everything going on but try and do something you enjoy like a jigsaw, sewing, playing with the kids, paint a room (although don’t know how many of us enjoy this!!), build a forte or write a story. Whatever makes you smile, do it.
  • Exercise – Personally I hate exercise, I know I feel better when I do it and I know it’s good for me but I could think of a million other things to do before this. However, it is crucial for your mental and physical health, especially in the current climate, to get out walking, running or cycling for your daily exercise and if you have a garden get out in the garden and download a free exercise programme to do with the kids or other family members. We decided to do kids yoga the other day as a family and it was actually really good fun. We’ve also set up a badminton ‘court’ in the garden too.

Your Business

Keeping your business open and going if you can through this time is going to be extremely difficult. Many of us have been told to close businesses due to the nature of social gatherings and others have been told to work from home where it can be extremely difficult. However, if you are in a position to be able to work from home then you can do some of the following things to keep trading through and past the lockdown:

  • Revaluate your current business offering – Is it still relevant? Do you need to innovate or adapt to the new world we live in?
  • Who are your customers? Are they still the same? If so, are their problems/needs/wants still the same?
  • Are you keeping in touch with your current customers? Via social media, email, telephone or video meetings (Zoom/FaceTime/WhatsApp).
  • Look for opportunities that you may not have looked for or needed before – New product creation to suit the situation or perhaps you are hearing of a lot of issues people or customers are facing that you can solve but isn’t your normal offering.

Try & Be Positive

I know it’s hard, I really do because I am struggling in the current situation and I am trying my best to stay positive but sometimes I need to just have a cry or leave my work and sit in the garden for a while to collect my thoughts. I have given mindfulness a little try and I feel it is a really good tool so will try and do more of this. There are many people providing these courses online but someone I can highly recommend is Louise at Tranceform Therapies.

1-2-1 Zoom Calls

I am now providing 1-2-1 calls for any business person who needs it, so we can discuss what is happening with their business and create some alternative ideas and potential marketing campaigns that can assist with this. I am also a qualified business adviser who used to work with Business Gateway so it is not just marketing advice I can give. You can book an appointment at Facebook by clicking here.